Govt jobs opportunity for Bangladeshi educated unemployed

By   May 24, 2016

A good news waiting for unemployed public. The news is govt jobs opportunity for Bangladeshi educated unemployed. Bangladesh Government recruitment process is underway near about 70000 post circular for all of Bangladeshi educated unemployed. So its the very very good news for Bangladeshi citizen. This all of the processing active from current year. So it’s called opening the luck of the educated unemployed general citizen of Bangladesh. All of the post is govt job. Now a day to collect any govt jobs is very very difficult. So it’s the biggest opportunity for Bangladeshi educated unemployed.

Govt jobs opportunity for Bangladeshi unemployed

70000 post in contrast to the recruitment of the three lac vacancies. Almost all government ministries, departments, turning Department and the Directorate of hiring people. According to the sources, various fill the vacant position, but due to pressure from the government high-level positions are not being met. Before the next national elections in 2019, the government is giving special attention to create employment. This year, the recruitment has started. This year will be assigned to the police, which is almost 20 thousand.

Then there is the most important job in the public sector banks and financial institutions, which will employ about 15 thousand manpower. Another large sector of the public health service. The recruitment sector will be around 12 thousand, which there are five thousand nurses. This year, the BCS will be appointed within about four thousand manpower. The government’s primary education, finance, law, agriculture, food, under the Department of Defense and the Ministry of Education and recruitment agencies will be more than 23 thousand. The recruitment program is underway.

How many govt jobs available for 2016-17

20 thousand police recruitment:
According to police sources, February 2016, 10 thousands of people have been appointed to the post of police constable trainee. In addition, recruitment has been in office more than three thousand. According to the Prime Minister’s announcement, 50 thousand police officers will be appointed in March, 2017. In August or September this year, 10 thousand continuation and December 10 thousand recruitment process is underway. The proposal was sent to the police headquarters of the Ministry of Public Administration is working on creation of the post.

The Ministry of Finance approved the creation of the post of the Ministry of Public Administration will take. An official of the Ministry of Public Administration, in terms of the creation of 37 thousand more police work in progress. In terms of job creation at the end of the 10 thousand. A lot of progress in the creation of 10 thousand posts. Is expected to be completed within the next month. The money will be sent to the Ministry of Finance for approval.

Bank Jobs circular 2016-17

Appointment of government banks and financial institutions 15 thousand. The year 2016 is the official bank of the service year. For this year, the government banks and financial institutions will be given the highest recruitment. Sonali, Janata, Agroni, Rupali, BDBL, Bangladesh Agriculture, Expatriates’ Welfare, Employment and Ansar-VDP Bank has decided to appoint around 12 thousand post. The government’s Board of Investment and Investment other financial institutions this year will be 3 thousand recruitment. govt jobs opportunity for Bangladeshi

In the last few years, the state-owned banks, headed by the Governor of Bangladesh Bank, the banker to allegations of irregularities in the appointment of the selection committee (BSC) was formed. Hiring will keep the overall activities of the banks and financial institutions of Bangladesh Bank BSC. Its demand has been the recruitment of 15 thousand. These needs will be finalized by December BSC recruitment.

Active soon govt jobs opportunity for Bangladeshi

The recruitment process has already begun. Cash bank officer, officer and senior officer appointments were 2276 applications have been calling. Janata Bank has been recruitment of more than 3,000. 1500 post of Rupali Bank, Agrani bank, about 1200, Bangladesh Krishi Bank about 2600, Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank to 450 people will be employed. Bangladesh Development Bank Limited 350 people will be recruited. Bangladesh Bank appointed as the application of these phases will be called.

Health jobs circular 2016-17

12 thousand are employed in the health sector. Currently, there are 35 thousand vacant posts of the health sector. Among the most important is the nurse vacancy. 5 thousand nurses under the orders of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the hiring process. The nurses will be appointed in July or August. The Ministry of Public Administration is in the process of the creation of the post to recruit more nurses. A total 44 posts in different districts of the Department of Health to recruit 480 people already have been calling application. Health inspectors are also a variety of positions in the current year will be around 6 thousand recruitment. Fill vacancy in the office of the Ministry of Health of the Health Department have been instructed.

4 thousand appointment BCS into 2016-17

Bangladesh government would appoint those who passed the 34th and 35th BCS examinations. 34th BCS 2159 will be recruited. Their intelligence report at the end of the scrutiny. Appointment next month, they’ll hand. Viva is the 35th BCS. 35th BCS results for June 1803 will be published posts. 35th BCS job candidates will be recruited in November. 36th BCS preliminary test, the written test will be next May or June. 36th BCS 2080 will be recruited. 37th BCS application will be called soon.

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