Iftar and sehri time table 2016 for Ramadan in Bangladesh

By   June 19, 2015

Iftar and sehri time table 2016 for Ramadan in Bangladesh. 7 June, 2016 start on Ramadan (Roza) in Bangladesh. So Iftar and Sehri time table is very very important for every Muslim people. Here we are update every day roja correct Iftar and sehri last time for every district.

Iftar and sehri time table 2016

Ramadan, the Muslim holy to the world in a month. Muslims around the world celebrate this month with patience and restraint. For the pleasure of Allah, Muslims wait all year for this month. Year around the holy Ramadan begins tomorrow. To refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset to observe the fasting. Fasting begins at dawn and in the evening call to prayer before eating Iftar evening meal breaking the fast after the call ended.

Dhaka is the main city in Bangladesh. So we are calculate the Iftar and Sehri time to compare distance with Dhaka to others place in Bangladesh. Near about 2 to 5 minute different from Dhaka to others district.

Others Country Roja or Roza duration2016

1. Bangladesh 14 hours 58 minutes
2. England – 18 hours 17 minutes
3. Italy 18 hours
4. France – 18 hours Twenty two minutes
5. America – 16 hours 30 minutes
6. Finland – 20 hours 6 minutes
7. Saudiarab – 15 hours 3 minutes
8. South Africa – 12 hour 6 minutes
9. Dubai – 15 hours 11 minutes
10. Australia 11 hours 33 minutes
11. Malaysia – 12 hour 32 minutes
12. Belgium – 18 hours 38 minutes

Just follow the image right side, here including the extra time for your district. So don’t worry, just save the image to view next time. If you not find out your district correct time then write a comments under post.

Why Ramadan is important for Muslim

Every year Ramadan is coming and continue it one month. it’s correct date depend on view the moon. In the Ramadan time every Muslim try to control himself. Ramadan is remove all of our bad habit and it’s Only for Allah.

If any one take proper Roza or Ramadan and also take 5 time salat for everyday then Allah remove her all bad habit and gift a jannath. So we should be take Ramadan and salat for only Allah. Iftar and sehri time table 2016

Ramadan or Roja is divided by 3 step. One is Rohomot and 2nd is Magferat and 3rd is Najat. 1st 10 Ramadan is known as Rohomot. 2nd 10 Ramadan or roja is called Magferat. Last 10 Roza is called Najat.

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