SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system 2017

By   May 28, 2016

With in a short time start SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system 2017. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) system delete from SSC and HSC public exam in Bangladesh. Educationists advice that kinds of opinion into the Education Board meeting. Also create question bank for SSC and HSC exam to easy to learn.

SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system

They also suggest to Banned all class note book from local market. Also school and college managing committee not working to develop. But don’t know why the costing more money to select a school and college managing member. In this sector should be take proper action. Also must be care to published new book.

If the system is change then student learn more thing form itself. Bangladeshi education system is deference from others country education system. So everybody want to change the education system as soon as possible. On Thursday, at a meeting on actions to be taken improve the quality of secondary education system.

Update news about SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system

Now current SSC and HSC both exam 40 marks exam held by MCQ part. 60 marks exam taken from written part. So increasing the written exam marks then student learn more. There knowledge increasing day by day. Hope that in next SSC and HSC exam 2017 held by new system. Here 30 marks exam held from MCQ and 70 marks held from written test.

Co-chairman of the national education policy committee, Kazi Kholiquzzaman said, we have at least four percent of GDP allocated to education system. But 4 percent of GDP have decreased from 1.8 percent in the current budget. That increasing the allocation of development is very important. SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system

Some VIP said about SSC and HSC MCQ exam new system

Bangladesh Bank governor Mohammed advised to bring MCQ exam marks down to zero. Now Coaching and private teaching is a booming business. So every body should be careful about Coaching and private teaching system. If you read the note book then why need to read need text books. He also said any kinds of public exam should be complete with in 10 to 12 days. When result published then should be active Education Board and website.

Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed said, the teachers were unable to question the creative process then following guide book. More pass under any Education Board ,the education system is to create doubt, the people have lost confidence. Professor Abdullah Abu Sayeed also said, “The purpose of the exam is to fail student. But our education system is pass the exam. Who attend exam they are everybody pass into the final result. So why need to exam.?.

Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal said, In such a way writing the book then as any student don’t need to read note book. Then they should be understand easily so don’t need to go any coaching center or private teaching. If teachers don’t teaching the book then student can ready it by itself.

Also others more important public said more thins about our education system. Bangladesh Education ministry should be careful about this news system. If education system is easy then any student can understand easily. So we are hope that new education system should be better form old system.

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